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Please find listed below some common questions that parents ask,

if you have any other questions please contact Master Cockram


Am I welcome to attend whilst my child is at class?


At the British Tang Soo Do Institute we encourage and welcome parents involvement, we have many parents who train alongside their children. At our juniors classes we often have parents who help out as well as watch the class. 


What if my child is injured?


Master Cockram is a main First Aider and also has specialist infant first aid training. If a child is injured Master Cockram will tend to the injury and ensure the child's parents are contacted, he also holds full public liability insurance.


What can I expect my child to achieve?


All children have different abilities, your child will be encouraged to join in all activities but will not be pressured to progress through the grading system until they are ready. We only suggest a child should grade to the next level when we are fully confident of their ability to pass this grade. Typically it can take anywhere from 5 years onwards to achieve a black belt grade depending on capability and commitment. 


What involvement do I need to give?


As a parent we'd like you to encourage your child to progress at their own pace, we don't recommend that you push them to attend classes if they are not happy or willing to participate, we recognise that Tang Soo Do is not for everyone.


How much is this going to cost me? 

  • Children under 16 cost £5.00, adults cost £6.00, per session, Family rates are a maximum of £12 

  • Membership is £10, this is a one off fee

  • Annual insurance is £6 per student, Grading's cost £25 each up to Cho Dan Bo (blue) and includes gup grade belts

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