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Sah Bom Nim Cockram

Jeff Cockram has a passion for Tang Soo Do and has been dedicated to many sports since he was a teenager, these include boxing, kickboxing, athletics and karate. Jeff is a 5th Dan Master, he has achieved multiple awards in Tang Soo Do at Regional, National, European and World Tang Soo Do championships. Jeff has represented Great Britain in the team sparring category on multiple occasions for both the European and World Tang Soo Do championships. 



Master Instructor

Jeff's profession is working as a fully qualified fitness instructor, sports injury therapist as well as a 5th Dan Master at Tang Soo Do.  He holds Sah Bom Nim (Master) certificate, Tang Soo Do instructors certificate, a Tang Soo Do judges certificate and is an International judge at the majority of Tang Soo Do championships. 

Jeff's ultimate goal is for people to come along and enjoy themselves whilst learning Tang Soo Do in a supportive environment. He is committed to improving student's fitness, self-defence techniques and supporting them in achieving their goals. 

For those who wish to enhance their Tang Soo Do ability or seek to learn self defence skills but are unable to attend classes, Jeff offers one to one personal training sessions at very reasonable rates. For further information please contact Jeff by clicking on the contact button.

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