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                             Our Style


Our British Tang Soo Do Institute clubs welcome people of mixed abilities from the age of 4 onwards, with no upper age limit!   


Our club practices the Korean martial art of Tang Soo Do, which involves hand, foot, self defence and sparring techniques.   


Training covers many aspects of fitness including flexibility, coordination, conditioning, balance and discipline helping to promote a healthy lifestyle. Learning these self defence techniques help to improve confidence and could prove life saving if needed in a real life situation to keep you safe.


The Do Bok must be clean and presentable for training sessions.


Students need to be a member of the British Tang Soo Do Institute, have insurance and have a Do Bok karate suit with a club badge on for grading’s.  


Tang Soo Do has a ranking system which starts at white belt, which is 9th Gup, the picture on the right shows the belts through to 1st Dan black belt, however the dan grades progress beyond this through to Master and ultimately Grand Master.



At the level of Orange Belt Tag, 7th Gup, our students start learning weapons forms.  Weapons include Nunchaku, Bo staff, knife and sword form techniques. 

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