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New Students



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New students are always welcome to join our club.  There is a new member pack below that needs to be downloaded, completed and handed to Master Cockram.



1. New Members Form

Please complete this new member form to:


  • Provide your contact details for emergencies and to receive our BTSDI emails and newsletters

  • Receive their own Student Training Record & an electronic version of our 80-page student manual, this manual details the requirements for each grade through to black belt.

  • Attach a passport sized photo

  • There is a one off fee of £10 for this membership

  • Include annual student insurance of £6

  • Our club is covered by a personal indemnity liability insurance, however, in addition each student must also have insurance cover, this is charged annually



2. Kit Order Form

When you need to order a karate suit, BTSDI merchandise or any other karate equipment, please complete this order form and hand into Master Cockram with full payment.

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