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Lessons are generally undertaken under the watch of 4th Dan Sah Bom Nim (Master) instructor, Jeff Cockram. Jeff is also a qualified personal fitness trainer, sports injury and massage therapist, he is specialised and experienced in the treatment and training of both adults and children. Jeff is assisted by other senior belts. Jeff is CRB checked to ensure suitability with working with children or other vulnerable people.


Each class starts with a general warm-up and stretching, followed by training specific to your ability - either learning new forms, self defence techniques and supervised sparring,this raises cardio vascular and circulation levels and increases flexibility to minimise unnecessary injuries.  Our clubs also offer the opportunity to practice with various martial arts weapons such as the bo staff and nunchucks.



All students must have protective equipment when sparring e.g. head guard, gum shield, groin guard, hand and foot protectors.  Please ensure that weapons are only ever used in a controlled environment and not in public.


To recognise achievement students are regularly assessed by Master & senior instructors during their grading. Where students have achieved the required grade, they are awarded with a new tag or belt and certificate.


Please let your instructor know of any health problems and/or injuries that you have before the training session begins, this enables us to maintain a safe environment and helps to avoid unnecessary incidents or injuries. For further information please contact Jeff directly by clicking on the contact button.



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